Calgary Expo – Memories & Swag

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new music wherein I pay tribute to the many years of being a volunteer at the Calgary Expo!

The music was a cover of the Corridors of Time by Little V Mills, a great musician from Calgary who covers various anime, movie, and game music. Be sure to check out his other work, as they’re quite awesome!

Comic News & Views – Episode 2

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Comic News & Views, wherein I discuss the recently pulled Joker Variant Cover for Batgirl #41.

I’ve also included a number of links discussing what happened below, which I highly recommend you check out.

First off, we have Janelle Asselin’s article on Comic Alliance, The Vocal Minority and Artistic Integrity.

Then we have Comic Book Resources reporting on the matter, with quotes by both Rafael Abuquerque and DC Comics as to why they pulled the cover.

And finally, we have Bleeding Cool with an article by Rich Johnston, talking about Adam Baldwin trying to be relevant with his Save The Cover hashtag on twitter.

Brain Food – Episode 39

Hey everyone, it’s a new episode of Brain Food, wherein I review the Rat Queens Special, Braga #1, written by Kurtis Weide and with art by Tess Fowler!

One thing I forgot to mention was Tess Fowler’s work on this, which was simply wonderful, with a lot of good detail, plenty of style, and some wonderful, heartfelt expressions on the part of the characters involved. Good work!

Comic News & Views – Episode 1

Hello everyone and welcome to a new show I hope to keep going for a good while, where I talk and discuss comic book news.

In today’s episode, I look at some new series from Marvel, including Silk and Thor, discuss the revealing of bisexuality of Selina Kyle in Catwoman, as well as some movie news about a possible ‘black’ Spider-Man and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman.

For further information, I’ve included a number of links discussing the comics I talked about today.

Silk’s character, at Marvel Wiki.

An interview with Robbie Thompson, the writer of Silk.

Selena Kyle confirmed as bisexual.

The new Thor kicks the Absorbing Man’s Butt.

Jason Mamoa discusses his feelings on being Aquaman.

One further note I wish to add with regards to the new Thor’s costume… I do wish that they hadn’t gone with the boob-conforming armour. Overall, I love the costume, but you don’t need that in it. Yes, Thor is invulnerable, but still…

Brain Food – Episode 37

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of Brain Food! In this episode, I review a true classic, the novelization of the great NES title, Mega Man 2!

If you want more information on the Worlds of Power series, check out this wikipedia entry. I know I wish I did before saying some of the stuff in the video, although I think my assessment of the plot of the book is still accurate.

Dedicated to my good friends of the Retro Rangers. Have a great time at Con-Nooga!

A Toy Review!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new video wherein I review the figure of Clementine from The Walking Dead The Video Game Season 2.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this figure. If you love this character, buy it, but don’t expect anything more than having a 3D representation of the character.

And be careful about the gun and hammer. They’ll disappear easily!