Brain Food – Episode 37

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of Brain Food! In this episode, I review a true classic, the novelization of the great NES title, Mega Man 2!

If you want more information on the Worlds of Power series, check out this wikipedia entry. I know I wish I did before saying some of the stuff in the video, although I think my assessment of the plot of the book is still accurate.

Dedicated to my good friends of the Retro Rangers. Have a great time at Con-Nooga!

A Toy Review!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new video wherein I review the figure of Clementine from The Walking Dead The Video Game Season 2.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this figure. If you love this character, buy it, but don’t expect anything more than having a 3D representation of the character.

And be careful about the gun and hammer. They’ll disappear easily!

Geek Gear Review

Hey everyone, it’s another video of me reviewing some awesome gear from a small group is Portland, Oregon called Forge & Thistle.

My belt bag was 60 dollars with an additional 10 dollars for shipping and handling, and it was well worth it! This group has not only mugs, horns, and belt bags, but also quivers for arrows, thus completing any fantasy or pirate styled cosplay you would like to do.

Brain Food – Episode 36

Hello everyone and welcome to Brain Food, where I talk about a young adult novel called Dia of the Dead, written by Brit Brinson, and it’s about a young, teenager, Afro-latina actress as she faces off against the forces of the undead in Hollywood!

This was a wonderful novel and if you think so after watching my review, please buy it off of Amazon, as the kindle edition is 5 dollars, which makes it a wonderful deal!