Brain Food – Episode 55

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of Brain Food!

In this episode, I review Felicia Day’s book, You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost), a great read filled with frank honesty and warm, self-deprecating humour.


Brain Food – Episode 54

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of Brain Food!

Today’s episode has me reviewing Margaret Stohl’s book, Black Widow – Forever Red.

However, as much as I wanted to like this book, I couldn’t. It was boring, slow, and was more or less, as the youtube reviewer Reeder Skeeter put it “Forever Red, guest starring Black Widow.”

Check out her review of the book, as it’s got some additional, interesting insights I glossed over, more or less because I was so bored with the whole thing.

Plus, she’s smarter than me. She got hers from a library whereas I spent actual money on my copy.

Brain Food – Episode 53

In this episode, I review Lindy West’s autobiography, Shrill – Notes From A Loud Woman.

Overall? A very good book to read, although I found a few blind spots, particularly the chapters in which she compares racist jokes to rape jokes without acknowledging how there are women of colour out there.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Unboxing

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new video wherein I struggle with a large black box to take out the stuff inside!

Seriously though, there was a lot of cool stuff in it, and the statue is well worth the money. I still have the box I use as a display stand for the statue itself.

Faith Statue and Display Stand

And for anyone interested, I found the picture I used of the redesign of Faith from an article at Kotaku. I’d recommend checking it out.

Brain Food – Episode 52

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Brain Food, wherein I review a more hard sci-fi styled novel about humanity colonizing another planet after messing up Earth! Politics, death, and new classes of humanity abound!


Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 15

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new, and spoiler-filled, episode of Brain Food At the movies, wherein me and my niece, Melissa, review the latest from Marvel Studios, Captain America – Civil War!

Truth be told, I was pleasently surprised at how well this movie turned out. Everyone joked about how this was going to be the third Avengers movie with how filled with characters it was, and yet the Russo brothers delivered a fantastic film

Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 14

Hey everyone, it’s my review of the amazing fanfilm about Storm, Rain!

Done by Maya Glick, this fanfilm has been three years and two kickstarters in the making and the wait was well worth it! This movie was just perfect, with a great artistic style and a wonderful performance by Maya Glick, who completely rocked the Punk Rocker Storm outfit.

Be sure to watch the movie here and support this artist’s amazing work!