DC and Diversity

Hello everyone, and welcome to Jolt Studios, where today I will be openly discussing two subjects of great interest to DC fans, the Flash Point reboot as well as their lack of diversity and the steady white washing that has been occurring in the past couple of years as Silver Age fanboys write what they want, regardless of what the fans want.

First off, I have for you my rant on Flashpoint, posting last month, but still relevant to our interests:

And then I have my second comic rant on how DC has been following a disturbing trend of getting rod of their more prominent characters of colour and replacing them with more white people than you can shake a stick at.

Frankly, between this and all that Marvel has done in the past few years, I am starting to get sick of everything that the Big 2 do to superheroes. I know it’s forcing me to go elsewhere to read stories about good, decent people written by good, decent people.

Except for the ones done by Gail Simone. She’s super awesome.

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