Brain Food – Episode 15

Well, there’s been much sickness, injury, and ill-health keeping me from my video-making duties, but I’ve finally broken through the other side and in full health, I’ve gotten around to reviewing Issue #16 of Life With Archie, which celebrates the marriage of celebrated war hero Kevin Keller to physical therapist Clay Walker. It was a great little comic to read and I hope that everyone gets behind this series.

For more information on One Million Moms and their idiocy, take a look here.

One thought on “Brain Food – Episode 15

  1. Nice response to the mothers. I hope Toys ‘R Us didn’t pull down their copies. This seems to be happening a lot though, and it’s sad. It’s like when Starbucks supported same-sex marriages and a group of furious hater created an online petition for people to swear never to do business with Starbucks. Well, the joke was on them, because there was another petition going to thank Starbucks and it got an enormous response (far outweighing the haters). At least I’ll know where I’ll be shopping for my tea next when I visit the USA 😉

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