Orisa and Efi!

Hello everyone, here’s a video I made on the newest characters on Blizzard’s online multiplayer FPS game, Overwatch and just what makes them so good.

Here’s the original video of Overwatch Developer Jeff Kaplan talking about Orisa and how she came to be.

And you can find the Overwatch Victory Theme remix by IncredFX Music.

And hey, check out this cool article I came across while doing some googling from Paste Magazine on just why Orisa is accidentally an Afrofuturist Icon.

5 thoughts on “Orisa and Efi!

    1. Oh, of course, thank you! I’d be happy to do this. I usually post my videos on my Facebook, which I kept locked to friends only due to some Gamergate trouble back in 2015.

      1. No gamergate trouble from us! (I’m a girl and admin for the group) So you’ll be safe. Our editor-in-chief once had issues with them as well for critiquing them. Her twitter that day was… full of creeps.

      2. You’ll get in, I’m the admin! Feel free to share any of your gaming content there! There is now rules against self promotion. It’s a group full of gaming writers and enthusiasts so you’re in good company.

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