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Star Sapphire of Sector 2814

My name is Jamie, but you can call me Triple-J, a nickname I earned from friends back when I used to write fanfiction. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, such as working at the university as a radio DJ, earning a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, working and studying abroad in Japan, working abroad in South Korea as an English Teacher, doing some acting in Calgary, Alberta, being an electrical apprentice, a coal miner, and then finally working at a pulp mill, of all places.

My goal is to share with your reviews of books I like, have interesting themes, or just don’t get the word of mouth that they should, as well as discuss issues within pop culture that relate to the world around us.

I also wish to further develop my skills in writing, photography, and cosplay. Sure I might be 40, but never too old to start something new.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi TripleJ! I’m Amaya Radjani and I’m the Creative Director for Middle Child Press. Recently, you did a Brain Food review on my business partner Ankhesen Mie’s anthology Folklore & Other Stories. Earlier this year, you did a Brain Food review on my novel Corruption. I want to know if you could send me the html code for both videos so that I may post the reviews on Middle Child Press’ website. We appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to do so. You can reach me at starchild3003@gmail.com. Thanks. –Amaya

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