Mini-swag GET!

Hey everyone! Today it’s just a video of me talking about some of the cool comics I got from a local comic and gaming hobby store in Prince George called Great White, and some funkopop vinyl figures.

Overall, a good, fun little haul.

My First UnBoxing!

Hey everyone, it’s my first UnBoxing, a thing that appears to be very popular these days!

But instead of receiving a package from Loot Crate, I got it from the Super Gaming Sentai Retro Rangers, an awesome crew of retro game players and reviewers who I am happy to call my friends!

So be sure to like, favourite and subscribe to them after watching the video!

Geek Gear Review

Hey everyone, it’s another video of me reviewing some awesome gear from a small group is Portland, Oregon called Forge & Thistle.

My belt bag was 60 dollars with an additional 10 dollars for shipping and handling, and it was well worth it! This group has not only mugs, horns, and belt bags, but also quivers for arrows, thus completing any fantasy or pirate styled cosplay you would like to do.