Finger Waving & Tone Policing – A Nick Spencer Story

Hello everyone, in this video I take a look at Captain America: Sam Wilson Issue #17, and the complete and utter failure to understand what social justice activism that Nick Spencer satirizes.

Since, you know, satire is supposed to punch up, not down.

I’d also recommend people check out this article by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw on the comic as it has some additional insights into just how badly Nick Spencer screwed up and why.


Brain Food – Episode 60

Hello everyone, and in this 60th episode, I review the hard sci-fi book by Doug Sharp called Channel Zilch.

While overall a good, fun story, it’s undercut by an unfortunate case of yellow fever/geek dream fulfillment in one of its main characters.


Brain Food – Episode 59

In which I review the second installment of Rachel Sharp’s Planetary Tarentella series, A Word And A Bullet! Great stuff!

One other thing I should mention here that I forgot to mention in the video is that the book does answer the question about feminine hygiene products and hair care, which I appreciated. Not a lot of stores selling shampoo and tampons after the Earth suffers a world wide earthquake…

Here is Rachel Sharp’s Website.

And be sure to check out TeknoAxe’s Website for more awesome music!