Capes, Cowls, & Cartoons – Episode 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the ssecond episode of Capes, Cowls, & Cartoons! On today’s episode, I discuss the problematic Batman: Under the Red Hood. Why is it problematic?

The ending, of course!

However, you’ll have to watch to find out why, exactly.

Frankly, they should not allow Judd Winick to write anything, let alone animated features.

Capes, Cowls, & Cartoons – Episode 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of my new series, Capes, Cowl, & Cartoons, wherein I discuss everything superhero and animated!

The subject of today’s episode are the première episodes of Young Justice, and just why it fails so much in comparison to other team shows that came out over the past few years.

I hope that everyone enjoys it!