Calgary Expo – 2017

Hey everyone!

After a month of overtime, lack of sleep, too much work, some revamps, here it is! My music video for the Calgary Expo 2017… Enjoy!

Music came from NCS, which you can find here. Please check them out and the amazing talent there.

Dragon Con – 2016 Cosplay Party!

Hey everyone, here’s a music video I threw together using pictures I’d taken and some footage taken at the event.

If you liked the music, please head on over to No Copyright Sounds on their website to check out more and support these amazing people who make such rocking tunes for us to enjoy and make music videos with!

DragonCon – 2015

Hey everyone, here’s my music video about the awesome event in Atlanta, Georgia, DragonCon!

The music used in this video was made by Sim Gretina and TeknoAxe, who make and provide their music for free and want only credit! I highly recommend you check out the tracks and the rest of their work, they’re cool people.

Super Sinister Electric Loop Remastered

Mystery Skulls – Freaking Out (Sim Gretina Remix)

Calgary Expo – Memories & Swag

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new music wherein I pay tribute to the many years of being a volunteer at the Calgary Expo!

The music was a cover of the Corridors of Time by Little V Mills, a great musician from Calgary who covers various anime, movie, and game music. Be sure to check out his other work, as they’re quite awesome!

Geek Gear Review

Hey everyone, it’s another video of me reviewing some awesome gear from a small group is Portland, Oregon called Forge & Thistle.

My belt bag was 60 dollars with an additional 10 dollars for shipping and handling, and it was well worth it! This group has not only mugs, horns, and belt bags, but also quivers for arrows, thus completing any fantasy or pirate styled cosplay you would like to do.

GMX Vol 6 – Cosplay Music Video

Hey everyone, I went and made a music video about some of the awesome cosplays at GMX Vol 6 in Nashville, Tennessee!

My thanks to the wonderful cosplayers who let me film them, the staff who worked hard to put on a good event, and the hotel staff for putting up with our crazy shenanigans.

Such as the crew of geeks playing cards against humanity at 7 in the morning on Sunday. I saw you guys… good work!

The Vancouver Fan Expo 2013!

Here is a couple of vlogs of my time at the Vancouver Fan Expo, and let me tell you, I had a great time! I got to meet a number of celebrities and I picked up some good advice about what to do when starting out as an actor from people such as Peter Kent, Ken Kirzinger, and Nichelle Nichols!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, although not as big as the Calgary Expo, and it was definitely different attending it as a fan instead of a volunteer, as I normally do at the Calgary Expo.

Here’s Day 1!

And here’s Day 2!