Brain Food – Episode 71

In this episode, I review Esther Frisner’s Chicks in Chainmail feminist minded, fantasy fiction.

Sadly, like a lot of media from the 90s, it does not hold up well to the test of time, especially with its rather narrow application of feminism that, through omission, does not include any other kind of woman who is not white, and so very little who aren’t straight and cisgender.

What I found the most frustrating about the anthology as a whole is that, somehow, there are almost no stories where a woman is single and happy. She almost always has, finds, or has had been in a relationship.

The music for the ending theme came from the No Copyright Music youtube channel, and you can listen to it here.

Brain Food – Episode 49

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Brain Food!

Instead of reviewing a single book I’ve read, I’m going over several books in my queue that I’ve yet to read. It’s one of the frustrations of loving to read, I just buy so many books I can’t get to them all!

That and I’m also currently playing Fallout 4. THAT will kill a lot of time.

Also, if anyone is interested, here’s the article about the proposal Dean Trippe had for his Lois Lane Girl Reporter series on The Mary Sue. It’s a great look at what could have been.

And this is his art blog for alternate superhero costumes, Project Rooftop. Very cool looking!

As for the fanfic authours I’ve recommended, here are some links for you to click and check out.



Brain Food – Episode 46

Hey everyone, it’s a new episode of Brain Food, wherein I review the very awesome pirate book, Dark Anna and the Pirates of Kadath!

This was written by Aaron Duran, with art by Ethan Slayton, colouring by Alan Capes and lettering by Jennifer Alvin.

If you want a digital copy, you can get it at Comixology, and, as always, I recommend you get it at the website instead of the app, as it pays the creative team more!

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Brain Food – Episode 41

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to watch yet another episode of Brain Food, wherein I review Shea Godfrey’s Nightshade.

It’s a wonderfully written LGBTQ fantasy romance… when it’s not painting the Middle Eastern themed kingdom of Lyoness in a shallow, racist manner throughout the book, and reminding us at every turn how ignorant, sexist, and backwards it is.

Brain Food – Episode 39

Hey everyone, it’s a new episode of Brain Food, wherein I review the Rat Queens Special, Braga #1, written by Kurtis Weide and with art by Tess Fowler!

One thing I forgot to mention was Tess Fowler’s work on this, which was simply wonderful, with a lot of good detail, plenty of style, and some wonderful, heartfelt expressions on the part of the characters involved. Good work!

The Top 5 Graphic Novels You Should Check Out

Hello everyone and welcome to a Top 5 list of Graphic Novels that you should check out that are NOT superheroes nor are from Marvel or DC Comics.

There is also a really good review of Kevin Keller’s mini series, which is part of the collected work that I reviewed, done by my good buddy Dennis Upkins that you can check out here and here.

In looking at the list, you’ll notice a few things about it:

1. No books on the list have a straight, white, cisgender, and able bodied male as the lead.

2. Women and women of colour are the leads in 4 of the 5 books.

3. There is LGBTQ representation in 3 of the 5 books.

Yes, I collect some Marvel and DC Comics, but those comics are few and far between, and more often than not they’re not the new comics coming out today. If the Big Two are not willing to change for the better and faster, then people WILL go elsewhere for comics, and they’ll find better alternatives that reflect who they are.