Brain Food – Episode 64

Oh wow, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded an episode of Brain Food, eh? Hope you still like them because they’re back!

In this episode, I talk about Gamer Girl & Vixen as well as Paradox Girl, two kickstarters I backed a while ago.

I also got some cool swag from the reward tiers I’d selected!

Music was provided by Audio Library – No Copyright Music, and the song used was Morning Sun, by Nicolai Heidlas Music.

Music by HookSounds

They’re a really cool no copyright music channel I’d recently found on youtube, so please check them out.

Brain Food – Episode 40

Hey everyone, it’s a new episode of Brain Food, wherein I discuss Dark Anna & The Pirates of Kadath, a pirate adventure inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft and a real life pirate from the 16th century.

There is also a kickstarter still underway to help make even more of this wonderful story, and I highly recommend you give them a helping hand if you like pirate adventures on fantasy seas.

And check out their good friend, one Mr. Kielen King’s kickstarter as well. If you like geeky sci-fi music, then you’ll love this!