Battle Angel Alita – The CORRECT Female Lead Action Film

Hello everyone, lets take a step into the way back machine, and travel back to earlier this year, when two films came out. Both had female leads that were chock full of action and CGI, based on comics, and had the political allegory of fighting back against oppressive systems.

Except only one was an acceptable female lead, and the other wasn’t.

That’s right, I’m talking about the rivalry between Battle Angel Alita and Captain Marvel.

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Mini-swag GET!

Hey everyone! Today it’s just a video of me talking about some of the cool comics I got from a local comic and gaming hobby store in Prince George called Great White, and some funkopop vinyl figures.

Overall, a good, fun little haul.

Brain Food – Episode 17

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Brain Food!

In today’s episode, I look at the X-Men manga from Del-Ray called Misfits, which turned out to be rather surprisingly good.

Coming up next episode? Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel.