Brain Food – Episode 61

Hello everyone, time for another episode of Brain Food!

This time around, I review Malinda Lo’s Adaptation, her first foray into the sci-fi genre.

Sadly, it’s not as good as I wish it could be, and in fact has some disturbing problems with it.

As  always, music provided by the amazing Teknoaxe, for free on his youtube channel and website, so please check them out and support such an awesome dude!

Brain Food – Episode 60

Hello everyone, and in this 60th episode, I review the hard sci-fi book by Doug Sharp called Channel Zilch.

While overall a good, fun story, it’s undercut by an unfortunate case of yellow fever/geek dream fulfillment in one of its main characters.


Brain Food – Episode 57

Hi everyone, it’s another episode of Brain Food, wherein I talk about the Kamikaze book, which was brought about by a successful kickstarter!

Be sure to check out the webcomic, which is ongoing, here.

And be sure to support the amazing TeknoAxe and his wonderful music here.

Brain Food – Episode 52

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Brain Food, wherein I review a more hard sci-fi styled novel about humanity colonizing another planet after messing up Earth! Politics, death, and new classes of humanity abound!


Brain Food – Episode 40

Hey everyone, it’s a new episode of Brain Food, wherein I discuss Dark Anna & The Pirates of Kadath, a pirate adventure inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft and a real life pirate from the 16th century.

There is also a kickstarter still underway to help make even more of this wonderful story, and I highly recommend you give them a helping hand if you like pirate adventures on fantasy seas.

And check out their good friend, one Mr. Kielen King’s kickstarter as well. If you like geeky sci-fi music, then you’ll love this!