Brain Food – Episode 61

Hello everyone, time for another episode of Brain Food!

This time around, I review Malinda Lo’s Adaptation, her first foray into the sci-fi genre.

Sadly, it’s not as good as I wish it could be, and in fact has some disturbing problems with it.

As  always, music provided by the amazing Teknoaxe, for free on his youtube channel and website, so please check them out and support such an awesome dude!

Brain Food – Episode 60

Hello everyone, and in this 60th episode, I review the hard sci-fi book by Doug Sharp called Channel Zilch.

While overall a good, fun story, it’s undercut by an unfortunate case of yellow fever/geek dream fulfillment in one of its main characters.


Brain Food – Episode 49

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Brain Food!

Instead of reviewing a single book I’ve read, I’m going over several books in my queue that I’ve yet to read. It’s one of the frustrations of loving to read, I just buy so many books I can’t get to them all!

That and I’m also currently playing Fallout 4. THAT will kill a lot of time.

Also, if anyone is interested, here’s the article about the proposal Dean Trippe had for his Lois Lane Girl Reporter series on The Mary Sue. It’s a great look at what could have been.

And this is his art blog for alternate superhero costumes, Project Rooftop. Very cool looking!

As for the fanfic authours I’ve recommended, here are some links for you to click and check out.



Brain Food – Episode 30!

Well, after too long a time, I bring to you another episode of Brain Food, wherein I review the most excellent and fun graphic novel, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury!

This book has been nothing but a great fun read and a wonderful experience, and you should all go out and buy it!

In fact, go the the Miranda Mercury website and check out the latest news from the writers!