Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 17

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Brain Food At The Movies, where I talk about Logan.

In short? I really liked it.

And yes, I do have a link as to the clinical trials of the birth pill performed on Puerto Rican women in the 50s that I talked about in the review.

The Dark History Of The Birth Control Pill In Puerto Rico

Brain Food At The Movies – Episode 14

Hey everyone, it’s my review of the amazing fanfilm about Storm, Rain!

Done by Maya Glick, this fanfilm has been three years and two kickstarters in the making and the wait was well worth it! This movie was just perfect, with a great artistic style and a wonderful performance by Maya Glick, who completely rocked the Punk Rocker Storm outfit.

Be sure to watch the movie here and support this artist’s amazing work!

Capes, Cowls, & Cartoons – Episode 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of my new series, Capes, Cowl, & Cartoons, wherein I discuss everything superhero and animated!

The subject of today’s episode are the première episodes of Young Justice, and just why it fails so much in comparison to other team shows that came out over the past few years.

I hope that everyone enjoys it!