Brain Food – Episode 68

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is, a new episode of Brain Food!

In this episode, I review the amazing Cassie And Tonk, written by GMB Chomuchok,with art by Justin Currie.

To see more of GMB Chomichuk, check out his Twitter here.

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Brain Food – Episode 61

Hello everyone, time for another episode of Brain Food!

This time around, I review Malinda Lo’s Adaptation, her first foray into the sci-fi genre.

Sadly, it’s not as good as I wish it could be, and in fact has some disturbing problems with it.

As  always, music provided by the amazing Teknoaxe, for free on his youtube channel and website, so please check them out and support such an awesome dude!

Brain Food – Episode 42

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another episode of Brain Food! This time around, I review Joseph Bruchac’s book, The Killer of Enemies!

For more information on the real Lozen, check out this article here!

You can find out more about Joseph Bruchac and his extensive body of work here as well.

And of course, please be sure to listen to TeknoAxe’s wonderful music here. He’s a great dude who makes his music free for use, and asks only to be credited for it.